How Many Miles from Barbizon?

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How Many Miles from Barbizon? 2014
Triptatych, acrylic on linen,
322 x 183 cm
This painting has its origin in my drawings of Corot’s ‘Four Times of Day’ tetraptych in the National Gallery, which he painted as a member of the Barbizon School. My title is borrowed from the short novel ‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’ which Jennifer Johnston wrote and then adapted for stage and screen.  In it she compares the contested landscapes of rural Ireland with the contested ‘Babylon’ of WW1.  The context of the relationship between her two principal characters shifts from the desolate but bucolic landscape of Wicklow to war-torn Flanders where one would expect that the uncertainty  of war would erode social mores.  The consequence of failing to see that everything had changed, ‘changed utterly’ as Yates phrased it, is poignantly tragic.  Failure to accept change and recognise the consequence of that failure is the thread that links the novel with my tetraptych.